For nearly thirty years 2Way Radio Plus has been a leading seller of quality, efficient two-way radios at “wholesale prices” direct to you. With extensive knowledge of the latest equipment and a dedication to providing exceptional customer service, 2WayRadio Plus can meet all of your communication needs. Looking to upgrade from “toy” FRS radios and improve your communication range? Our experienced team can help you make the switch to new, smaller, lightweight radios that will help make your business operations more productive and efficient.

Concerned about costs? We promise to provide you with a budget friendly approach that will provide more radios to more staffers, while offering a low per unit cost. The process of purchasing and switching to new radios can be overwhelming both logistically and financially. Our customer-focused team will oversee the entire installation process, and if possible, integrate your old radios into the new two-way radio network. We can also provide expert advice on the latest FCC initiatives, enabling you to cut through the red tape and communicate quickly and effectively. At 2Way Radio Plus, we have your two-way radio solution, RIGHT NOW!